Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jerry's Had a Show

Munny Show at Jerry's

Earlier this month one of my favorite art stores decided to have a Munny Art Show. The store is called Jerry's Artarama and it is a super cool place for many of your art needs. 

They just recently began selling the Munny Vinyl Figures by Kidrobot, which is really great because then I can use a Groupon to get some there. 

Anyway, lets get back to the show. I took my Steampunk'd Trikky, mainly because it was the only one I had and there was no time to make another. 

It was loads of fun. I was able to see more great 
custom work and meet some interesting people. 

Three days after the show this piece sold. There is talk that the Munny Show may become a seasonal event. They are toying with a dinosaur theme. I am okay with that, but I think I would prefer have it open to see what people come up with. Plus my current idea won't fit with the dinosaur theme. 

Check out the work from the other artists at the Jerry's Artarama Facebook Page. 
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