Saturday, August 10, 2013

My First Super Hero/Heroine

This is Aya. She is from the Green Lantern Animated Series that was briefly on the Cartoon Network. It was an awesome show, but it only had one season. 

She is the Artificial Intelligence that helps Hal Jordan save the universe and all that jazz. She quickly became one of my favorite characters. I won't ruin it for you but her story is very good. It isn't ground breaking, but engaging and well done. 

I decided that she would be the perfect character for my first superhero Munny. I used a 4" doll. I had to cut off the ears first because they would stick out too far. They would have looked very odd and way too big for the head. I drew the face so that I could shape the helmet in the right place. 

The painting went well. I had to practice being patient. I am not used to painting a piece as completely and detailed as this. Up to this point most detail has been sculpted rather than painted.
This was the second Munny that was not strictly in my Steampunk style. The face I left for last because I knew it would be the most difficult. It ended up being the lips that were the most difficult. The ones shown here were not the final go. 

green lantern

The 4" Munnies comes with blank stickers. I decided that I would make a custom sticker of Aya to go with it. Pretty cute hm? 

There will not be a final photo of this piece until later. We have been asked to not post final shots of the pieces that will be going to the Dallas Vinyl Thoughts Show. So, just a teaser shot of the completed piece there in a corner. 

I am toying with the idea of doing a version of Dark Aya. If you haven't you should really check out the Green Lantern: Animated Adventures. The complete season is now available on DVD. 

Laterz - T.

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